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1970s: The Worm Farm, Skyline, Portola Institute & Where Is My 8 Foot Square Hollow Mahogany Pyramid?

Does anyone know what happened to Richard’s 8-Foot Square Hollow Mahogany Pyramid? Last seen at the famous “Worm Farm” in San Greogrio. From far-off Chicago, Richard Ledford says: Hi June, You have assembled one of the more special websites that … Continue reading

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The Worm Farm folks at San Gregorio

planned to build a pyramid water tank on top of a little hill near Stage Road. I’m talking about the 1970s. Palm trees would be planted next to the tank. One palm tree was planted but the pyramid water tank … Continue reading

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Once–The Most Recognizeable Backside in San Gregorio/Pescadero

And I can’t remember her name–was it Mrs. Bell? She could be seen everywhere–here she is at the “Worm Ranch”, in the 1970s, waiting for the local band, “Full Faith & Credit”, to begin their pop concert. In San Gregorio, … Continue reading

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