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Surfing: Interview with Mike McCreary (Long Version) Part II

In 1981 I interviewed Mike McCreary, a surfer who also owned a surf shop on Highway 1. Michael McCreary (MM): When I first started surfing [at the jetty] in high school, I called it the breakwater but it’s becoming known … Continue reading

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Interview with Mike McCreary (Long Version) Part I

[Mike McCreary owned a surf shop on Hwy 1 in 1981] Interview with Mike McCreary (Long Version) 1981 Mike McCreary (MM): In the early fall there’s really good surfing at Venice Street and Kelly Street and sometimes Dunes Beach–primarily Venice … Continue reading

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What Happened To Kaplan Surfboards?

Surfer Larry Kaplan doodled his dream surfboard logo [Kaplan Surfboards] in an old notebook.

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Good Morning Christmas Eve –Surfer Chicks At El Granada Beach

(click to enlarge photos) All photos feature Marie Narsciso (with straight hair) and Carrie Anne Kunkel (with curly hair). Thanks, surfer chicks!

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El Granada Morning/Surfing Alert

Nice day at the breakwater. all photos by June

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Whose Surf?

Serious, or just Art? (See the rock that says, “Locals Only”)

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Surfing Alert/Breakwater at El Granada Beach

Photo is of John Morrall, at left and Chuck Bodin, at right. At about 9:30 a.m., Sunday morning, the waves are about 2-3 feet, waist to shoulder, “fair”. (Click on image to enlarge)

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