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The Worm Farm folks at San Gregorio

planned to build a pyramid water tank on top of a little hill near Stage Road. I’m talking about the 1970s. Palm trees would be planted next to the tank. One palm tree was planted but the pyramid water tank … Continue reading

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A Confusing Paper Trail: Part IV Conclusion

(Photo: County Supervisor Alexander Gordon became one of the defendants in the San Gregorio Rancho case. This 1870s illustration was made on site, showing “Gordon’s Chute” at Tunitas Creek, the countryside and Gordon’s home] The most notorious legal contest was … Continue reading

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A Confusing Paper Trail: Part III

Francisco Casanueva, the Chilean businessman, divided the rancho into parcels sold to Americans including James Bell, Henry Wilkins nd Hugh Hamilton. Hamilton is credited as an early American settler. He lived in a large frame house that once stood on … Continue reading

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A Confusing Paper Trail: Part II

In 1839, California Governor Alvarado granted four- square leagues of the Rancho San Gregorio to Antonino Buelna—who was busy “fighting Indians and foreigners in the San Joaquin.â€? Life seemed uncomplicated and no one bothered with the details of an official … Continue reading

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A Confusing Paper Trail: Part I

(Photo: The gateway to early San Gregorio). Is it possible that the same land was sold twice? As to whatever actually happened—and who paid whom—and for whatever reasons—an intriguing document painted a confusing picture. The document revealed the handwriting of … Continue reading

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Once–The Most Recognizeable Backside in San Gregorio/Pescadero

And I can’t remember her name–was it Mrs. Bell? She could be seen everywhere–here she is at the “Worm Ranch”, in the 1970s, waiting for the local band, “Full Faith & Credit”, to begin their pop concert. In San Gregorio, … Continue reading

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Babaji Comes To The Coastside (1975) Part III

According to Miramar Beach kayak enthusiast and photographer, Michael Powers, most of the Coastsiders “were curious and interested” about Babaji’s visit to the farm at San Gregorio. What he captured on film were “a lot of kids and ‘flower children’ … Continue reading

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