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1970s: Russell Towle Dissects Mathematical Wonders

Russell Towle (RT): The topmost image is a page from Steve Baer’s book? HalfMoonBayMemories (HMBM) It’s from an old copy of the Whole Earth Catalog. An article about Buckminister Fuller, entitled Zome or Dome? RT: I used to have that, … Continue reading

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Russell Towle: a virtual camera is pointing into a virtual kaleidoscope…

HalfMoonBayMemories (HMBM) To my eye, this image is beautiful. What is it to you? Russell Towle (RT) oh it’s beauty all the way, but in this case, it is one frame from an animation, in which a virtual camera is … Continue reading

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What's the difference between a Zome and a Dome? We get the answer

from Russell Towle. (From the “Whole Earth Catalog”) —————- Russell Towle, mathematician, amateur geologist, local history writer, currently working on an article about zonotopal tilings. Which reminds me that you actually mention zomes versus domes on your blog. Zome is … Continue reading

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