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…The Falls of Purissima Today….Photo by John Vonderlin

To read John Vonderlin’s piece on Purissima Falls, click here Advertisements

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More on Purissima by HMB Review Reporter David F. Smydra, Jr.

To read: “Purissima is a place from which even ghosts have departed,” click here

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……..The Headlines in Purissima 100 years ago……..

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……Purissima Cemetery……..John Purcell's Gift….

Purissima Cemetery Info from Dutra Mortuary (Now called Dutra-Randleman), Half Moon Bay “Four miles south of the town of Half Moon Bay lies the little, almost obscure, cemetery of Purissima. It is situated on a hill opposite a little country … Continue reading

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Anna, Where Are You? Web Sleuthers Are Looking For You….

Photos: At left, what Anna C. Waters might look like today, [see posts below for more info] and at right, Montara’s Mikie Benedict during a visit to the Greek islands. I had no idea there was a dedicated group of … Continue reading

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More on Montara's Artists Mikie Benedict & Howard Gilligan

I was looking into the Fine Arts Colony at Montara when I read in a 1900s issue of the “Coastside Comet” newspaper that a cottage called the Van Suppe Poet & Peasant Cottage was for rent. We’re talking about nearly … Continue reading

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1973 Vanishing….Mikie Benedict talks about missing daughter Anna C. Waters…

(Photo: Montara’s Mikie Benedict visited Greece in the summer of 2006.) After the exchange of a couple of emails, Mikie Benedict reminded me that I had written a piece about the historic cottage in Montara where the pianist still lives. … Continue reading

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