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1897: Wealthy Pioneer G.R. Borden lived in the Purissima

Story from John Vonderlin Email John ( Hi June, Here’s a story from the July 24th, 1897 issue of the San Francisco Call about the death of the supposed first “white” settler in the Half Moon Bay area, G.R. Borden. … Continue reading

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Before you put the fish back in Purissima Creek….

I’ve changed my mind, says John Vonderlin. Email John ( Hi June, Thanks. I’ve had a change of mind though about the site of the Dougherty’s inn. When I was researching Purisima I read your and other’s stories on HMB, … Continue reading

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John Vonderlin: How did the fish get into tiny Purissima Creek anyway?

Story/Photos John Vonderlin Email John ( [Image: Town of Purisima (also spelled Purissima), circa 1870s.] Hi June, I think you’ll find this an interesting addition to the handful of excellent stories you have posted on HMB concerning Purisima (Purissima). This … Continue reading

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Real Estate: Story by Montara Author Michaele Benedict

Real Estate Story by Michaele Benedict The Purisima board game we invented was probably a reaction to the landlord shuffle. When we first saw it, the modest little frame house on Purisima Creek Road had a sign saying “Maggie’s Farm” … Continue reading

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…..Purissima Falls….

(Old buildings in Purisima–now gone.) By June Morrall (Written in 1977, using the resources at the San Mateo County History Museum) By the age of 16, Henry Dobbel launched his ambitious climb to the top. That year, about 1845, he … Continue reading

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Purisima, The Town That Could Have Been Half Moon Bay: Part I

Purisima, The Town That Could Have Been Half Moon Bay: Part I (Town of Purisima, circa 1870s, as depicted in the book, “The Illustrated History of San Mateo County,” Moore & DePue, publishers [1878]; reissued by Gilbert Richards Productions, Woodside, … Continue reading

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Historic^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The Falls of Purissima^^^^^^^

Coastside showplace in the 1870s–but not when this photo was taken.

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