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"Blood Diamond" with Leonardo DiCaprio & Jennifer Connelly

will rip your heart out–and it’s one of the most violent movies I’ve seen lately. Advertisements

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World's Fastest Indian—With Anthony Hopkins…

Burt and I watched the “World’s Fastest Indian” on HDNET the other night. Wow, great movie, starring Anthony Hopkins who never wavers from his role as a single-minded, elderly New Zealander with a heart problem who has never left the … Continue reading

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I Saw "The Departed" In Reno

Did you watch the Academy Awards last night? That was the best Oscars show I’ve seen in a very long time. Wasn’t Ellen great? She’s so cool; I wonder if she’s like that in “real life.” There were so many … Continue reading

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I Vote For "Little Miss Sunshine"

When you watch this movie be sure to look for the punctuation of primary colors–the bright yellow bus, Olive’s bright red boots and so on….(I want to say blue blue sky but I can’t remember now if the sky was … Continue reading

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Don't Miss "The Good Shepherd"

“The Good Shepherd” was a longer movie than I anticipated but I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. There was so much to see, hear and think about as the characters accompanied me through the very well written, adult … Continue reading

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You Gotta Put Casino Royale On Your List…

if only to see the new blue-eyed, absolutely gorgeous super 21st century James Bond who can fake feelings and humor–even create eye creases when he’s laughing–but believe me, he is the coldest M16 killer yet. Makes Showtime’s serial killer, Dexter, … Continue reading

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"The Queen": A Movie Review By Burt Blumert

The commute over Devil’s Slide was uneventful but I still sighed with relief as I pulled into the garage and shut down the engine. The fog was rolling in, Pumpkin days were behind us, and it was good to be … Continue reading

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