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1970s: Sam Varela Remembers the Galway Bay Inn

In the 1970s a fun place to go to for Sunday brunch was the Galway Bay Inn in Moss Beach. The owner himself, Michael Murphy, was often there, serving the customers. Do you remember the restaurant? I wish I’d kept … Continue reading

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Millie: Desperately Seeking Fanny Lea & Frank Torres

(Photo: Looks like early Moss Beach. Courtesy Millie Muller. Email Millie: A few days ago, I got an email from Millicent Muller, who lives in Farmville, North Carolina. Millie is a devoted genealogist who began researching her family roots … Continue reading

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Moss Beach Distillery, circa 1980

(photo courtesy Jerry Koontz, The Distillery was built about 1927 when Prohibition was in full swing. Frank Torres, a native of Peru [I believe] was the owner and his residence stood steps away. I may have told you before … Continue reading

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Above Moss Beach 1970s

(Photo: Jerry Koontz) In foreground, Moss Beach Distillery

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Fragment From A Day In El Granada In The 1970s

Cathy Duncan came by to visit. She was thinking of changing her name to Day Keith. She lives in La Honda with “Peaches” who used to play the piano at the Moss Beach Distillery. “In the spirit of love..May the … Continue reading

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In 1977 I had a small cabinet shop in El Granada, and built a lot of signs and things for Carolyn Wood, a graphic artist. Carolyn was doing the menus, and designing the big sign out on Hwy 1 for … Continue reading

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What is it?

You can see it in the Pacific Ocean west of the Moss Beach Distillery–you can see it from the tidepools and the dreamy Cypress forest. What is it? It’s a concrete wall that dates back to WWII when it was … Continue reading

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