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1900: The "Encore" Sighted off Point Montara


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This week: Borsini-Burr Gallery Brings Art to Montara-By-The-Sea

I’ve had lots of fun in the Borsini-Burr Gallery when they were located in Half Moon Bay. Now they’re moving their art and sculptures to Montara-By-The-Sea, 1401 Main Street. (1-877-712-2111)

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Coastside WWII: "We did see lots of convoys, army trucks," says Elaine Martini Teixeira,

a child at the time. Elaine lived with her family in Moss Beach near Sunshine Valley Road (the lovely “connector” road between Montara and Moss Beach.) Dad owned a bar frequented by the sailors at the nearby naval station. Mom … Continue reading

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A Little Old Moss Beach-Montara Story For You

I wrote this in 1977. The story was researched at the San Mateo County History Museum. While Jurgen F. Wienke lay awake, staring at the ceiling, wife Meta dozed peacefully beside him. Instead of sleeping, Wienke, who built the fashionable … Continue reading

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Mikie Benedict's Montara: Never Cold at "Johann Sebastian" Scranton's Cold Comfort Farm…

Story by Mikie Benedict (Photo: Richard Scranton, courtesy Mikie Benedict) Richard Scranton, known to some of his music-making acquaintances as Johann Sebastian Scranton, lived in a little green house in Montara with a sign over the door: “Cold Comfort Farm�?. … Continue reading

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Anna, Where Are You? Web Sleuthers Are Looking For You….

Photos: At left, what Anna C. Waters might look like today, [see posts below for more info] and at right, Montara’s Mikie Benedict during a visit to the Greek islands. I had no idea there was a dedicated group of … Continue reading

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More on Montara's Artists Mikie Benedict & Howard Gilligan

I was looking into the Fine Arts Colony at Montara when I read in a 1900s issue of the “Coastside Comet” newspaper that a cottage called the Van Suppe Poet & Peasant Cottage was for rent. We’re talking about nearly … Continue reading

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