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The "Talking Cars" in the tv commercials are making me feel guilty

about selling my car. After all, I’ve known the J30 for 15 years; we’re close; she’s like a pet. I’m even concerned about who the next owner will be. I’m worried about it. Today I drove the J30 to the … Continue reading

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Marilyn Monroe's Last Sitting Revisited…

with troubled but gorgeous, freckled young actress Lindsay Lohan posing in her place in a spread in New York Magazine If you’re my age, you know that some of these Bert Stern photographed images of forever icon Marilyn have been … Continue reading

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…House Hearings on Steroids Part II…A Solution…

I have the solution….. Just like we said goodbye to the horse and carriage, we need choice; we need a new professional baseball league: the Steroid League.

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I Know Why The Soprano's "Paulie" Survived…

Paulie’s survived cancer, he’s got emotional problems—he hates cats—- and while he’s pumped up, he’s got 20-year-old arms, he just doesn’t feel like his old self anymore. How does he keep on going? I know! he’s got good connections. The … Continue reading

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I'm Afraid To Watch The Final Episode..

I’m feeling high anxiety about watching the last episode of the Sopranos. I fear it coming and I’m not sure I’m ready to watch HBO’s solution for me and other soon-to-be depressed viewers, the visual sedative, the tranquilizer, if you … Continue reading

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Send That Email, Write That Letter, Make That Call And Tell Nutrisystem

it’s time to dump that lady in the tv commercial who’s a chocoholic on a diet, who’s now wearing a size 2–and badly needs a voice coach to teach her how to laugh like a real person. Her imitation of … Continue reading

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If you watch Deadwood on HBO, have you ever marveled at how the

colorful dialogue is produced for all the characters? How is it done? Who can figure out the scenes with multiple, complex characters as well as what they are saying? Today I learned that the brilliant writer David Milch goes into … Continue reading

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