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"The Hat": Photo by Lynn Kalajian McCloskey

About the photo, “The Hat,” Lynn K. McCloskey says: I took the photo April 20th on a hike Larry and I were on at Rush Creek, which is a marshy area in Novato (north east). Larry was taking a photo … Continue reading

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….1967: Haight—-& Today: Joel Bratman's Slideshow of Graffiti on the Haight

While rummaging through the garage, I came across this “drawing” of me, dated 1967, the artist signed off as Joseph Gomez. I remembered it immediately but the circumstances remain blurry. In 1967 I still lived with my parents in San … Continue reading

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.. Art & Mystery at the Grave of Marcel Marceau in Paris..Story by Lynn Kalajian McCloskey

Story & photos by Lynn Kalajian McCloskey Email Lynn: It’s chilling….It’s New Years Eve and we are spending the day at Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise. We were wandering off the beaten path when a very odd-looking man with long … Continue reading

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Decades later: Lawton School Reunion…

After a fire (arson) destroyed much of Jefferson Grammar School on Irving Street in San Francisco’s Sunset District– just before I was about to graduate in the late 1950s– the kids were bused to Ulloa Elementary to complete the semester. … Continue reading

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In the City: Moraga Stair Walk…

The “Moraga Stairs were not as creative-looking when I was growing up near them in the Sunset District. Lynn Kalajian McCloskey walked up and down them for us and took the great photo.

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Let's go to the North-North Coast….

to Gualala on the Mendocino Coast with photographer Lynn Kalajian McCloskey. She shows us what Bowling Ball Beach looks like from the south. Gorgeous view. (Photo by Lynn Kalajian McCloskey)

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Sand Harbor, L. Tahoe, where my friends Lynn & Larry McCloskey kayak…

Photo by Lynn Kalajian McCloskey

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