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What's the difference between a Zome and a Dome? We get the answer

from Russell Towle. (From the “Whole Earth Catalog”) —————- Russell Towle, mathematician, amateur geologist, local history writer, currently working on an article about zonotopal tilings. Which reminds me that you actually mention zomes versus domes on your blog. Zome is … Continue reading

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Speaking of Geodesic Domes,

Here’s a few: The Michael Powers Dome in Miramar The Kelmore Avenue Dome, Moss Beach Snap-together “hothouse” dome, El Granada Treehouse dome for the Pat Levitz children, Los Gatos (designed/built by John Morrall & Mark Schlegal for an art class … Continue reading

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Miramar Tidbit

For years and years at Highway 1 and Medio Road in Miramar there was a tall wooden pole that had obviously been a sign post, advertising something, but what? You couldn’t see anything because the sign had been nailed over … Continue reading

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