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…….Watch a nesting "Kestrel" with Dar Waegner….

What’s a “kestrel?” This one’s a she, and she’s a small North American Falcon….with several eggs. Watch her with Dar……click here Kestrel nest, Pawnee Power Station, Brush, Colorado…. Advertisements

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A "Happy Easter" Mural from Dar Waegner

Dar says: Our new mural that was the big white wall that was in my yard.. finally done.. birds love it,, and the day after we finished it a chipmunk came had not seen them in a year or more.. … Continue reading

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Very Cool Bird "Eagle" Cam……………..

She has 3 eggs, says Darlene Waegner of Half Moon Bay To view, click here (It’s off at late night)

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Enjoy the Parrot Circle….Merry Christmas from Darlene Waegner of Half Moon Bay….

(Who’s in the Circle: Rosella and King Parrotts. Photo by Matthew Watt.) Burt feels sorry for the parrot (at right) outside the circle! Me, too.

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