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Is This The Work of the Great Andy Goldsworthy? Please tell us…

Hi June, This one has been bothering me for a while. A few years ago while driving to Southern Cal along the coast we saw the pictured piece of art on the beach at Gazos Creek. A few days later … Continue reading

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Coming: The Coastside's Collector of Natural Wonders….

    Photo: courtesy John Vonderlin, the Coastside’s Collector of Natural Wonders. I think these lovelies come from what John calls “Neputine’s Vomitorium.” !!! Near Pebble Beach, Pescadero.   Much more coming soon….     In the meantime, enjoy looking … Continue reading

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Don’t these folks look really small? And the rocks really big?

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You Are There

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(Half Moon Bay fashionable swimwear, circa 1912…R. Guy Smith photo)

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Arch Rock, Moss Beach

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