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"Jubilate Mimi": A Jewel of a Short Story from Michaele Benedict

“The name Millie didn’t suit this grey tortoiseshell at all. There was something French about her, something about the way she sashayed about and looked at us over her shoulder.” Jubilate Mimi By Michaele Benedict The English poet Christopher Smart, … Continue reading

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Famous "Kingston," The Cat Calls Kibbles & Clips His Home in HMB

“Kingston” has become a famous cat at the Strawflower Shopping Center where he calls the Kibbles & Clips shop his headquarters–but look out, he loves Bay Book and Hallmark, too. “Kingston,” was an orphan found at Miramar, and his finders … Continue reading

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She Liked My Cat Video

(Photo: Sami, my boy cat) I forgot to tell you that a while back I received a delightful email from Joni Mueller: “June,” she wrote, “why did you remove Sami’s video [from youtube]? I wanted to share it with a … Continue reading

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Lynn's Spring Kitty

She visits us only in spring and summer. We have no idea where she lives, but she always find her way back to our house. Notice the eyes. (Photo by Lynn Kalajian McCloskey)

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My Boy Sami

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Coastside Cat

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Kitty Oh!

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