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Bryant Wollman: Anado says "Viva Bryant!"

Update: See Joyce Walder’s piece on Anado in the New York Times (Home & Garden), October 23, 2008: “His Theory: Color Chaos” Click here I had a brief yet torrid friendship with Bryant years ago when he lived in Tunitas…we … Continue reading

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Peter Adams Remembers Bryant Wollman

i was sorry to her about bryant [wollman]. he and i had reconnected a few months ago, and i was looking forward to him meeting my family during his trip down to san diego. we were good friends during the … Continue reading

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Remembering Bryant Wollman (1947-2008) by Michaele Benedict

Remembering Bryant Wollman By Michaele Benedict Bryant Wollman said he didn’t much like reading about himself, especially on the Internet, but he forgave my mentioning him in a story about Farmers Feed, our old 1970s food club, because he said … Continue reading

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1972-73: The Story of "Farmers' Feed," the Coastside's Food Co-Op by Michaele Benedict

  The Story of “Farmers’ Feed: by Michaele Benedict*** In 1972 and 1973 dwellers “in the boonies near and about Half Moon Bay, Californiaâ€? formed a food club which they called Farmers’ Feed. Members published a slender volume, the Farmers’ … Continue reading

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