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The Myth Track: an original bicycle story by Erich von Neff

“The Myth Track”, an original story by Erich von Neff “It seems suspicious to me,” Reinholt Reinhardt said. Murphy  Sabatino’s   board track* has been shut down for a few years. There’s a six-day race at the Madison Square Garden … Continue reading

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Erich von Neff: Second Place (A Bicycling Story)

Note to Erich: I may be out of sequence using this story now. Am I? I hope not. Because the living room was turned a hospital room, all my stuff kept getting moved around, and there are so many papers to … Continue reading

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Don Martinich: The cyclist with a rumrunner or two in the family

June Morrall (JM) to Don Martinich (DM) Thank you for the fascinating email! I had no idea there was so much cycling around here. I would love to know more. I did eat at Pete’s Cafe a couple of times … Continue reading

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(Just saw the highway sign–I think it’s the 16th but that is a Monday. Somebody correct me, please.) Have you read Erich von Neff’s bicycling stories from the 1950s? Please click here   ( (Image: “The winners of the last … Continue reading

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