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"The Story of Email" by Anonymous

This is an email. It is intended to be used only as an email and not for any other purpose. Any use of this email for purposes other than the intended purpose shall constitute a misuse of this email and … Continue reading

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On Writing Poetry By Anonymous

“…Sometimes, writing poetry is frighteningly easy. Those are the times when the whole thought is compact enough that you can get it out in virtually one sitting. “The hard part is when your inspiration has only given you a fragment … Continue reading

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Sunday: A Poem By "Anonymous"

Sunday Standing in rows behind the pews Washed and brushed and clean Dressed in the same gingham and taffeta That has adorned them all these years. Smiling, singing, praising God, Listening to his word. Redeemed, refreshed, renewed. God, how I … Continue reading

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PROSE* (by Anonymous) There is no poetry for me. My years of love to celebrate have passed. No praise is due for this old body Never was, really. Sing the body neglected I do not live in or near the … Continue reading

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A Report From the World's Smallest Political Machine, El Granada Sanitary District,1971

“Notes from an El Granada Attic From a sheaf of roughly typed yellowing pages–reportedly from an El Granada attic in the 1970’s. The typist is not identified. The entries are undated. Henry Dunn came by the house on Saturday and … Continue reading

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