Outstanding in the Field's 2009 Season Comes To a Close…

Tour Bus

The adventurous 2009 farm dinner season has come to a close! The intrepid Outstanding in the Field crew has successfully set the long farm table at more than 50 locations across the land. Check this link to see the tables of 2009.

We’re already starting to plan for 2010. We will keep you updated regarding our progress. Now is the time, while we are making plans, to send us all of your great ideas. Many events have come about as a result of guest suggestions.
Email events@outstandinginthefield.com.

Gift Certificates
Outstanding gifts for the holiday season. We now have gift certificates! It’s fun to see that many guests arrive as a result of a surprise from a loved one.

0901 Plates

Beach NC Table

Thank you

With the close of the 2009 season we want to take time to thank all of those who made the past season possible.
The Chefs
The farm dinner guest chef is tickled to get out there. To take creative passion and bring it to mountaintops, beaches and farms is not only a chef’s dream but potentially a great challenge. With good cheer, chefs took to their task, gathering ingredients from farmer, fisherman, cheesemaker and rancher for our grand al fresco feasts.  Thanks for joining us!
Check our map to see every chef’s 2009 menu with additional dinner details.
Chef Bill Telepan & crew at Queens County Farm, NY

The Staff

Many thanks to our hardworking Outstanding in the Field crew.  They come from many places: Chicago, Georgia, the Netherlands, Canada, Vermont and California. With armloads (truckloads) of patience and dollops (really shovels full) of ingenuity, they took on every challenge. Everyone did their best under the most trying of circumstances. Read about our staff here.
The Storytellers

Everyone is contributing to the dinners, and it’s not just the often colorful plates our guests bring. Blogging and bloggers have contributed several memorable stories of Outstanding dinners far and near. Here are some of our very favorites with a fantastic mix of story telling skills and scenery: the amazing Minnesota dinner where the dramatic weather provided unforgettable beauty; the Pemberton, British Columbia event which surely provided the most spectacular scenery we have ever encountered; a special entry from a couple of our young guest farmers at a Portland, Oregon event; and ”Lewis Likes It”- Lewis, one of our biggest fans, really should have his own TV show. Blogging may be of the moment but print media is still doing a great job of telling the OITF story. This article in Vivid Magazine captures something that few writers have been able to articulate so well.

Thanks to all of those who share their experience of Outstanding in the Field.

North Arm Farm, Pemberton, British Columbia
The Guests
People come to lots of dinners (as many as 13 in one season).  People come in groups, some people like to come by themselves. Many people make a point to come to a dinner in a part of the world they have never been to. Then there are those that are coming from just down the street. A surprising number of folks come as part of a surprise (see gift certificates).  However you arrived, thank you.  We are happy you made it because your support makes it all happen.
The Farmers and Producers

You are the reason we are here. Our mission is an appreciation for the people whose hard work and skill brings food to the table. We celebrate you and your contribution. Thank you.

Looking ahead to 2010

In 2010 we go even further afield visiting both old friends and new. We begin in late spring with a full tour of the United States and North America before venturing out to set the long table in new lands. Look for all the great info soon!

Jim Denevan
The Outstanding in the Field Team

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