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John Paul Cowan: Remember HMB's 19th Century Schuyler Hotel?

[Image below: First called the Schuyler Hotel; later the site of the Occidental Hotel.] Story by John Paul Cowan Email John: Hi June, It is a delight to find the website “halfmoonbaymemories”. I purchased your book several years ago … Continue reading

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1926: History of the Telephone in San Mateo County

From the Half Moon Bay Review, June 1926 “History of Telephone in County Given” “The history of the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company of Burlingame and San Mateo dates back to the year 1890 when the Sunset lines installed a … Continue reading

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John Vonderlin: What's in a [ship's] Name

Story by John Vonderlin Email John ( Hi June, A while back we were posting about the “New York,” the ship that ran aground in 1898, under very strange circumstances, almost in your front yard. The ship had been named … Continue reading

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This is what happened in Sept. 1891

From the “Coastside Advocate,” September 19, 1891 “A company of cavalry passed through town last Sunday on their way to Santa Cruz. They came from the Presidio by way of San Pedro Road.”

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Ron Laughlin: My secret contact in New Zealand

Story/images from Ron Laughlin and the latest video: Central Otago –

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Old Main Street, HMB

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Seeking Don Carlson…..

June, you do not know me. I am writing from Rome, Italy. I had an old collegue of mine working in IBM who was living in El Granada, Half Moon Bay, CA. His name was Don Carlson and I completely … Continue reading

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