car3(Image. That’s photographer Deb Wong with Barbara Senz, the too-modest woman behind Bob Senz, both longtime Coastsiders who helped started the “Dream Machine” show for a local non-profit..

 Mr. Senz has helped a lot of Coastsiders, including me, without being asked. That’s a REAL MAN. He has the right to be called not only “the Man,” but “Mr. Coastsider.” He should have shelves of REAL GOLD  awards–and so should his sweet wife, Barbara.

Photo b the great photographer Michael Wong. (I can’t help it: there really are “great” Coastsiders–come and find out.)


More Princeton Pix (Dream Machine,” including The Man, Bob Senz, please click here http://princetonbytheseamemories.com/  I am not forgetting about my old friends Chad Hooker, his artist-wife January Hooker,  and James Rudolph, and his life-partner the jeweler, Kathy,(whose work can be seen at FX on Main Street in Half Moon Bay) who all  selflessly have  given their time to make the Dream Machines a good thing for our community. (I’m not sure I like the planes flying over my house though,guys.)

Also I’ve included some ideas for adventures in Princeton, entirely up to you. The idea is to have fun and laugh and enjoy life.

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