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Is there a new "class of commercials" on TV?

By June Morrall I was watching a 1983 movie called Blue Thunder on the Sleuth channel when it was time to take a commercial break. You may know that soon after 9/11, the  trade magazines talked about a new kind … Continue reading

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Tom Andersen sends "Oh, No!" News

From Tom Andersen Email Tom ( Hi June, Just received this via e-mail from Michael O’Neill, music director for Cetrella: Well folks, It’s the end of an era. The music at Cetrella will come to an indefinite ending after this … Continue reading

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$$$Not Good

I was watching an MSNBC news program last week when one of the guests hinted at other possible “big” financial surprises to come in the first quarter of 2009. I added the journalist’s  cautionary “possible,” but when I pursued the … Continue reading

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Outside the Francis Bros. Store….Main Street, HMB

When pugilism was big, all the kids practiced on Main Street.

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Martin's Beach: So funky-chic, we all wanted to live there. Now, Realtor Carole Delmar Confirms that Martin's Beach has officially SOLD.

Story/Mural Photos by Carole Delmar Email Carole [] Hi June, Did you know that Martin’s Beach has sold? The sign on the highway is painted over and I’d wish I would have taken a photo before it was gone forever. … Continue reading

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Coastside Kayaking…

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Tom Andersen: When it comes to singing the blues, Margie Baker's "the one" Enjoy her performance Friday, Jan 2 at Cetrella Restaurant, HMB

Story by Tom Andersen Email Tom ( Hello June, We put up our holiday lights on our deck railing, a 7′ diameter circle of clear lights, with a 4′ colored light star in the center, a giant “O”. We’ll leave … Continue reading

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