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Pretty Pasta Moon on Main Street

I love what Kim, the owner, did with the flowers in front of her restaurant. Bountiful, overflowing. Colorful. New tables and chairs, too. Advertisements

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Coast Highway Race, 1951: Short Story by Erich von Neff

Coast Highway Race, 1951 Story by Erich von Neff All of us, I’m sure, have, at one time or another, cursed or blessed the coastal wind. Constantly and incessantly it blows down the coast, though driving in a car it … Continue reading

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John Vonderlin Looks Forward to the Golf Tournament…But his reason will surprise you

To read John Vonderlin’s story, please click here Email John

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Watch the World Indices

For the numbers in Asia, Europe, please  click here You might think that economics isn’t for you but you may get hooked on these podcasts. “The Trouble with Fractional Reserve Banking. Lew Rockwell interviews Doug French, Las Vegas economist/banker on … Continue reading

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My Partner Burt Blumert's New Book

For more information, please click here Burton Blumert is an entrepeneur who knows not only all that there is to know about precious metals but also about politics and economics. He offers his wide-ranging insights in this funny, charming, and … Continue reading

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Maria Demarest: The Birds II at El Granada Beach

Image by photographer Maria Demarest, who, while visiting Half Moon Bay last week, caught this spectacular scene at El Granada beach. One of the birds looks a little large. Is that Maria flying with the birds? Some things never change, … Continue reading

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Smoke Tree in El Granada

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