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1972-73: The Story of "Farmers' Feed," the Coastside's Food Co-Op by Michaele Benedict

  The Story of “Farmers’ Feed: by Michaele Benedict*** In 1972 and 1973 dwellers “in the boonies near and about Half Moon Bay, Californiaâ€? formed a food club which they called Farmers’ Feed. Members published a slender volume, the Farmers’ … Continue reading

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Photo: L-R Miramar Beach’s Michael Powers & former Coastsider Mark Fraser For adventurers only click here

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Day dreaming through Moss Beach

This morning, early, I drove to Moss Beach, to the west side near the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. I wanted to see if Charlie Nye’s “Reefs II” was still there, at Nevada & Beach Streets; I heard that the historic building … Continue reading

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Pasero-Patterson Duo Classical Guitar Recital: A Night To Remember At Miramar Beach

Friday night Burt and I were invited to hear a duo classical guitar recital at the Miramar Beach home of artist Linda Montalto-Patterson and her musicial-genius husband Richard Patterson. Richard was joined by acclaimed guitarist Stevan Pasero. The fantastic sounds … Continue reading

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The "Three Richards" Redux

A while ago I posted a story called “The Three Richards;” to read it, click here The story begins: “Three Richards but I have a photo of only one.” At the time the only photo I had and posted was … Continue reading

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Let's go to the North-North Coast….

to Gualala on the Mendocino Coast with photographer Lynn Kalajian McCloskey. She shows us what Bowling Ball Beach looks like from the south. Gorgeous view. (Photo by Lynn Kalajian McCloskey)

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Do You Recognize This Gorgeous Man?

Guess who? Guess again. I’ll give you a clue. Everybody knows him. He’s an accomplished musician and he writes for Half Moon Bay Memories & The El Granada Observer. Give Up? Look closely– deeply into his eyes. It’s Fayden Holmboe … Continue reading

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