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A Place To Sit Is Important


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Search Your Memories for Anna C. Waters…Somebody MUST Have Seen

Something on January 16, 1973 when five-year-old blonde Anna C. Waters vanished from her Purisima Creek home, south of Half Moon Bay. Anna’s mom, Mikie Benedict is a longtime Coastside resident, now living in Montara near famous Devil’s Slide. Mikie … Continue reading

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The Race To Electrify the South Coastside

In an email, Bruce Hayden writes: I was reading your article [click here] on the battle to electrify Half Moon Bay. I find it interesting as I am retired from PG&E and at one time worked in Berkeley and Richmond … Continue reading

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Fishing Near Pescadero

(Image courtesy San Mateo County History Museum. The Museum is one of my favorite charities. Please visit the exhibits and archives located in the Redwood City’s historical courthouse, the one with the beautiful dome.]

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Pescadero: Home to the Mythic Atlanteans?

John Vonderlin [click here for more of John’s writing about the South Coast] collector of the Coastside’s natural wonders, asks: Was Pescadero home to the “mythic Atlanteans?” Read more of his email: “Being a skeptic, I was subsequently more excited … Continue reading

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Was Pescadero Home To The Mythic Atlanteans?

John Vonderlin, collector of the Coastside’s natural wonders asks, “Was Pescadero an outpost of the mythic Atlanteans?” Read his fascinating email: As I mentioned previously, one of the type of rocks I collect I call “NotRocks.” A NotRock is a … Continue reading

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Coastside Place Names: "Neptune's Vomitorium"…."Don't Eat Us Beach….the "Sunken Cathedral"…..

Read about— “Neptune’s Vomitorium”—–“Don’t Eat Us Beach”—–the “Sunken Cathedral” & the Rocks That Don’t Get No Respect! Click here

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